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Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Governance and Resources)

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. To assist bureaux/departments (B/Ds) in developing, implementing and securing funding for information technology (IT)-enabled business systems that support their policy goals;
  2. To monitor IT project funding management and Government IT projects governance;
  3. To formulate strategies and oversee sourcing and contractual matters relating to the procurement of IT products and services;
  4. To manage the Analyst/Programmer Grade and the Computer Operator Grade, and to be responsible for their professional development;
  5. To formulate strategies and implement programmes for the Government’s data centre services;
  6. To monitor government IT infrastructure and advise on IT business contingency planning and operations in the Government;
  7. To steer the provision of Central Computer Centre (CCC) services and central Internet services, including CCC hosting and disaster recovery, Internet mail, Internet access, government web content and domain name hosting, and government directory;
  8. To oversee technical support provided for the Government Electronic Trading Services; and
  9. To steer the development of Smart Government Innovation Lab for promoting the adoption of innovative technologies by B/Ds and engaging the industry to propose technology solutions to address the business needs of various government departments.