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Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Industry Development)

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. To coordinate work plans and implement measures for facilitating the development of smart city in Hong Kong;
  2. To coordinate and implement the Wi-Fi Connected City Programme, and facilitate the development and promotion of Wi-Fi.HK for the public and visitors;
  3. To draw up programmes and initiatives on digital inclusion and monitor their implementation;
  4. To facilitate Hong Kong to develop into a regional high-tier data centre hub;
  5. To assist in formulating strategies and implement measures for promoting the development of information and communications technology (ICT) industry and manpower in Hong Kong;
  6. To promote cooperation between overseas/the Mainland and Hong Kong on ICT, and handle matters relating to ICT between Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), World Trade Organisation (WTO) and other related international bodies; and
  7. To assist in monitoring the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited and other matters relating to the administration of the domain name system in Hong Kong.