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Chief Systems Manager (Data Analytics)

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To support the implementation of open data policy, and coordinate, liaise and support bureaux/departments (B/Ds) and other public / private organisations to open up their data on the open data portal ( for free use by the public;
  2. To maintain and update the open data portal ( and to advise B/Ds on the best practices and data format on open data;
  3. To provide data science advisory services to B/Ds and assist them in developing data-driven digital government services;
  4. To build and maintain a common big data analytics infrastructure (including a big data platform and a digital highway) for shared use by B/Ds in developing big data analytics applications; and
  5. To support, housekeep and refresh frameworks, standards and services related to data sharing, including but not limited to Address Data Infrastructure, Government Technology System Architecture, Interoperability Framework, and Chinese character set (HKSCS) and standard (ISO 10646).