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Chief Systems Manager (IT Infrastructure)

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. To plan, develop and manage Government Cloud Infrastructure Services, e-Government application architecture and central platform facilities in supporting digital government services delivery;
  2. To recommend government-wide best practices, guidelines and standards for cost-effective use of central cloud platforms to achieve agile delivery of digital government services;
  3. To review and refine the government cloud architecture, standard, framework and services offering, and address relevant information security and privacy issues to boost the use of government infrastructure platforms;
  4. To advise bureaux/departments (B/Ds) on suitable cloud services and hosting options to meet their business and application requirements;
  5. To develop and maintain the system architectures and technology frameworks for adoption by B/Ds in their implementation of digital government services; and
  6. To manage, maintain and support technical infrastructure and content management service for the e-Government service portal “GovHK”.