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Government Chief Information Officer

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

To assist the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry in formulating policies and strategies and overseeing implementation of programmes and initiatives to drive the further development of information technology (IT) in Hong Kong and within the Government. Major duties include:

  1. To be the Government's principal adviser on government IT infrastructure, architecture, open data/big data, and systems (including technical standards), and to lead/develop appropriate strategies and measures for effective implementation;
  2. To formulate policies and strategies to foster Hong Kong as a regional IT hub in Asia;
  3. To lead, implement and coordinate smart city development and the e-Government programme with cross-agency responsibilities;
  4. To champion the adoption of new information technologies and the development of innovative applications and services;
  5. To promote the adoption of IT in the community and various industry sectors and lead efforts to bridge the digital divide;
  6. To monitor and facilitate the growth and development of the local IT industry and manpower resources through the influence and impact of government programmes and measures;
  7. To serve as a government spokesperson on IT policies;
  8. To manage the government IT budget and IT investment across the Government and sourcing of IT products and services, and to evaluate the effectiveness of government IT projects, programmes and investments; and
  9. To be the head of the Analyst/Programmer, Computer Operator and Data Processor grades.