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Human Resources Management

In recognition of the remarkable efforts in the promotion of Human Resource Development (HRD), the OGCIO (or the then ITSD) was granted a Meritorious Mention in the then Civil Service Training and Development Institute's Best Practices in HRD Award 2000, based on the HRD initiative of "Inculcating a 'Valuing People' Culture".

In 2003, we developed the Knowledge Management Framework to facilitate the sharing of IT knowledge in the Government and foster the development of a stronger Government IT community. We strive to make good use of IT to better support collaboration in knowledge work and rapid and effective knowledge/information dissemination within the Government IT community.

In 2009, the OGCIO won the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award 2009 organised by the Knowledge Management Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The annual award seeks not only to acknowledge an organisation’s commitment to knowledge management, but also to give public recognition to organisations that have achieved an outstanding performance in knowledge management practices.

In 2010, we further launched a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development process riding on the Government IT Skills Framework and set up three Professional Practice Communities on IT Strategy, IT-enabled Business Transformation and IT Operations respectively for Government IT professionals to foster a culture of excellence and innovation through knowledge creation and sharing. Moreover, we fortified the IT and business partnership, highlighting the contributions, roles and responsibilities of the Government IT profession, business partners and the other stakeholders in working together to harness the benefits of IT for the Government and society.

In 2012, we took the opportunity of the Hong Kong ICT Awards to introduce our development framework to other organisations for reference. We are very pleased that our vision, framework and effort have been well recognised and our Government IT professional development programme won the Best Professional Development Grand Award and Best Professional Development (ICT Professional) Gold Award.

In 2016, we were awarded as Manpower Developer (MD) under the MD Award Scheme organised by the Employee Retraining Board for our outstanding achievements in manpower training and development, as well as efforts in fostering an organizational culture conducive to life-long learning.