B/Ds Name Title Tel. No. E-mail
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Ms. CHUNG Lai Ching, Terry Sr Systems Mgr 2150 7049 terry_lc_chung@afcd.gov.hk
Audit Commission CHAN Sing-how, Allan Auditor (Technical) (3) 2829 4244 ashchan@aud.gov.hk
Buildings Department Mr. THONG Fai, Ivan Systems Mgr/Support 2626 1222 ifthong@bd.gov.hk
Census and Statistics Department Ms. CHAN Lai-shan, Edith Sr Statistician (IT)1 2582 4701 elschan@censtatd.gov.hk
Mr. TSANG Tat-shing Sr Statistician (IT)2 2582 3019 tstsang@censtatd.gov.hk
Chief Secretary for Administration's Office (Administration Wing) Ms. Peggy SF MOK Sr Systems Mgr 2810 3983 peggymok@cso.gov.hk
Civil Aviation Department Mr. Richard CK Wu ADGCA(Air Traffic Engineering Services) 2910 6501 rckwu@cad.gov.hk
Mr MH Hui Chief Electronics Engineer(Project) 2910 6505 mhhui@cad.gov.hk
Mr. George TY Wong Senior Electronics Engineer(Project)2 2910 6509 gtywong@cad.gov.hk
Mr. Ricky YK Yiu IT Manager 2910 6531 rykyiu@cad.gov.hk
Civil Engineering and Development Department Ms. WONG Shu Man, Annie Systems Mgr/CS 2762 5320 awong@cedd.gov.hk
Civil Service Bureau Ms. FUNG Chui Lin, Fiona Sr Systems Mgr 2810 2742 fiona_cl_fung@csb.gov.hk
Companies Registry Ms. TAM Wai Yee, Annie Sr Systems Mgr 2867 4558 annietam@cr.gov.hk
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau Ms. KAM Yee Hing, Catalin SM(Constitutional and Mainland Affairs) 2810 2597 cyhkam@cmab.gov.hk
Ms. LAM Ly Pang, Winnie CPM(Constitutional and Mainland Affairs) 3655 4723 wlplam@cmab.gov.hk
Correctional Services Department Mr. CHAN Tat Kei, Keith Sr Systems Mgr (Security) 2867 5968 ktkchan@sb.gov.hk
Ms. YUNG Wai Hing, Vanessa Sr Systems Mgr (Project) 2582 5518 yung_vanessa_wh@csd.gov.hk
Customs and Excise Department Miss KWOK Lai Yung, Belinda Sr Systems Mgr (ITM1) 3759 3438 belinda_ly_kwok@customs.gov.hk
Mr CHENG Ka Lun, Alan Sr Systems Mgr (ITM2) 3759 2182 alan_kl_cheng@customs.gov.hk
Department of Health Mr. CHAN Kin Man, Keith Sr Systems Mgr (ITMU) 2961 8708 keith_km_chan@dh.gov.hk
Department of Justice Mr. LEUNG Wing Hung, Simon IT Mgr 2528 0356 simonleung@doj.gov.hk
Development Bureau (Planning and Lands Branch) Mr. CHAN Pun Kin, Brian Systems Mgr 3509 7870 brianchan@devb.gov.hk
Development Bureau (Works Branch) Mr. POON Kai Lok Systems Mgr (IT) 3509 8598 kl_poon@devb.gov.hk
Drainage Services Department Dr. CHAN Loi Hing, Eugene Systems Mgr/CS 2967 4925 elhchan@dsd.gov.hk
Education Bureau Mr. WONG King Man, Kingsley Ch Systems Mgr (ITM) 3540 7100 kkmwong@edb.gov.hk
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Mr. YUE Chi Leung, Philip Systems Mgr/ Regulatory Services 2808 3126 clyue@emsd.gov.hk
Environmental Protection Department Mr. LIU Sai Man, Simon Sr Env Protection Offr (IT) 2835 1723 sml@epd.gov.hk
Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (Treasury Branch) Mr. CHEUNG Chi Pun, Ben Systems Manager 2810 3820 bencheung@fstb.gov.hk
Fire Services Department Mr. CHIU Wai-kin Senior Divisional Officer 2733 5830 chiuwk@hkfsd.gov.hk
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Mr. NG Chung-leung, Albert Mgr (IT) 2879 5668 aclng@fehd.gov.hk
Food and Health Bureau Mr. NG Chiu Keung, Victor Systems Mgr 3509 8905 vckng@fhb.gov.hk
Government Logistics Department Mr. WONG Kin Man, Tony Senior Systems Manager (TSM) 2231 5190 ssmtsm@gld.gov.hk
Highways Department Mr. CHEUNG Yiu Chung Systems Mgr/CS 2762 3421 smcs.rnd@hyd.gov.hk
Home Affairs Bureau Mr. WONG Kwok Leung, Joshua Systems Manager 3509 8002 joshua_wong@hab.gov.hk
Home Affairs Department Mr. MO-YON Wing Chi Systems Mgr 2835 1424 wcmoyon@had.gov.hk
Hong Kong Observatory Ms. WONG Wai Man, May Systems Mgr 2926 8356 mwmwong@hko.gov.hk
Hong Kong Police Force Mr. FONG Yiu-hang Ch Systems Mgr [IT Branch] 2860 6002 fyhfong@police.gov.hk
Hongkong Post Mr CHENG Tze Yu, Tony Gen Mgr (ISD) 2921 2134 tony_ty_cheng@hkpo.gov.hk
Housing Department Mr. CHENG Tak Yan, Oliver Sr IT Mgr / Technology and Infrastructure 2761 6330 oliver.cheng@housingauthority.gov.hk
Immigration Department Miss FAN Mei Hing, Caroline Ch Systems Mgr (TS) 2829 3822 cfan@immd.gov.hk
Independent Commission Against Corruption Mr. TSE Wai Leuk Principal Investigator 2826 4234 wltse@ops.icac.org.hk
Information Services Department Mr. LEUNG Kin-ping, Dennis Sr Systems Mgr 2842 8886 dennisleung@isd.gov.hk
Inland Revenue Department Mr. TONG Man Kwong, Rex Ch Systems Mgr (Inland Revenue) 2594 5099 rmktong@ird.gov.hk
Intellectual Property Department Ms. WONG Mei Yee, Joey Ch Intellectual Property Examiner (Automation) 2961 6865 joey.wong@ipd.gov.hk
Mr. TIN Chi Wah, Lawrence Systems Manager (CM&IT) 2961 6917 lawrence.tin@ipd.gov.hk
Invest Hong Kong Mr. CHEUNG Cheuk Lim, Tony Mgr, IT (Technology) 3107 1038 tcheung@investhk.gov.hk
Mr. LO Siu Hang, Terence Manager, IT (Knowledge Management) 3107 1061 terencelo@investhk.gov.hk
Judiciary Mr. YEUNG Che Kuen, Kenneth Chief Systems Manager (IT) 2886 6800 kennethckyeung@judiciary.hk
Mr. CHAN Yui-on, Kenneth Senior Systems Manager (1) 2886 6831 kennethyochan@judiciary.hk
Ms. CHAN Wai Chung, Candy Senior Systems Manager (2) 2886 6403 candywcchan@judiciary.hk
Mr. LAU Kee Yuen, Kelly Senior Systems Manager (3) 2867 4383 kellykylau@judiciary.hk
Mr. FUNG Kar Fei, Jeffrey Senior Systems Manager (4) 2886 6895 jeffreykffung@judiciary.hk
Labour and Welfare Bureau Mrs. LEUNG TSANG Po Wan, Paula Systems Mgr (Welfare) 3655 5857 ppwleung@lwb.gov.hk
Labour Department Ms. LI So Fan, Esther Sr Systems Mgr (ITM) 2852 3771 ssm_itmd@labour.gov.hk
Land Registry Mr. LEUNG Chi Sing, Philip Systems Mgr / IT1 2867 3239 philipleung@landreg.gov.hk
Lands Department Mr. Raymond Lam Systems Mgr/CS 2231 3770 smcs@landsd.gov.hk
Legal Aid Department Mr. JONG Yat Sun, Johnson Sr Systems Mgr 2867 2832 jysjong@lad.gov.hk
Leisure and Cultural Services Department Mr. HUI Fung-mang Head (IT) 2601 7911 hitoffice@lcsd.gov.hk
Marine Department Mr. YUNG Ming-wai,Gordon Sr IT Mgr/IT Mgt Sec 2852 3997 gmwyung@mardep.gov.hk
Office of the Communications Authority Mr. Frank CHAN Senior IT Manager. 2961 6757 frankchan@ofca.gov.hk
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Mr. WONG Tak Yee, James Sr Systems Mgr (CS)2 2594 0411 jtywong@ogcio.gov.hk
Official Receiver's Office Ms. WAN Sau Ping, Louisa Systems Mgr (ITMU) 2867 2703 lspwan@oro.gov.hk
Planning Department Mr. HO King Yiu Sr Systems Mgr 2231 4774 kyho@pland.gov.hk
Radio Television Hong Kong Mr. NG Kai Ming Head (IT) 2339 6561 ngkmi@rthk.hk
Rating and Valuation Department Mr. LAM Wai Kin, Perry Sr Systems Mgr(CD)ITMU 2150 8706 perrywklam@rvd.gov.hk
Registration and Electoral Office Mr. LAU Shek Lam, Eddie Head (ITMU) 2827 7617 eddie_sl_lau@reo.gov.hk
Security Bureau Mr. CHAN Tat Kei, Keith Sr Systems Mgr (Security) 2867 5968 ktkchan@sb.gov.hk
Social Welfare Department Mr. LEE Tat Hong Sr Systems Mgr (IST) 2151 8340 ssmist@swd.gov.hk
Trade and Industry Department Mr. NG Kam Chi, Sidney Sr Systems Mgr 2398 5297 sidneyng@tid.gov.hk
Ms. CHAN Chiu Lin, Judy Systems Mgr 2398 5484 judychan@tid.gov.hk
Mr. CHAN Kin Kay, Kenny Information Technology Mgr 2398 5478 kennychan@tid.gov.hk
Mr. MAK Kin Sum, Frederick EO (Support Services) 2398 5316 frederickmak@tid.gov.hk
Ms. CHIANG Lai Chun, Barbara Systems Mgr (ID)13 2398 5295 blcchiang@ogcio.gov.hk
Transport and Housing Bureau Mr. WOO Siu Ming, Joe Systems Manager(Transp) 3509 7188 joewoo@thb.gov.hk
Transport Department Mr. WONG Siu-man, Simon Senior Engineer/Information Technology 2829 5385 smwong@td.gov.hk
Treasury Mr. PH LAM Sr Systems Mgr(IS)1 2829 5161 phlam@try.gov.hk
Mr. Ricky LAU Sr Systems Mgr(IS)2 2829 5166 rickylau@try.gov.hk
Ms. Chrissie NG Sr Systems Mgr(IS)3 2829 5168 cng@try.gov.hk
Water Supplies Department Mr. LO Ka Lun Sr Engr (ITMU) 2829 4427 kl_lo@wsd.gov.hk
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office) Ms. CHOI Yuen Yi, Connie Sr Systems Mgr (ITMU) 2150 7600 cyychoi_sfo@wfsfaa.gov.hk
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Working Family Allowance Office) Ms. Josephine ML CHENG Sr Systems Mgr (WFAO) 3897 1800 jmlcheng_wfao@wfsfaa.gov.hk