Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set-2008 (HKSCS-2008)


The HKSCS-2008 is an updated version of the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set-2004 (HKSCS-2004) published in May 2005. It includes 5,009 characters of which 68 are newly added. The HKSCS-2008 is aligned technically with the ISO/IEC 10646:2011 published in March 2011 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

There are two encoding schemes of HKSCS-2008, same as the HKSCS-2004. One encoding scheme is for the Big-5 coding standard and the other is for the ISO/IEC 10646 standard. The HKSCS-2008 is the last version of the HKSCS published with Big-5 code points.


1. Note : "Cangjie" and "Changjie" are referring to the same Chinese input method(倉頡).

Note: The latest version of the HKSCS is Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set - 2016 published in May 2017.