Web Accessibility Campaign - Making Web Content Available for All

Web Accessibility Campaign

OGCIO is mounting a Web Accessibility Campaign to promote awareness and wider adoption of web accessibility design in public and private websites. The campaign includes the following activities –

logo of recognition scheme Recognition Scheme – to recognise public and private organisations for their efforts and accomplishments in adopting accessibility design in their websites and mobile applications.

Web Accessibility Handbook – to provide a handy reference for both senior and frontline management on web accessibility as well as the latest international web content accessibility standards and guidelines.

Mobile Application Accessibility Handbook – to provide mobile application owners and developers a practical guide on basic concept and best practices for making mobile applications accessible.

Web Accessibility Seminars – to help corporations and organisations, especially those whose websites are frequently used by persons with disabilities, to better understand the importance of web accessibility and how it can be effectively achieved.

Experience Sharing and Technical Workshops – to share the best practice and related skills of web accessibility design with web developers.

Accessible Webpage Templates – to provide sample codes incorporated with essential web accessible features and a Developer's Guide for individuals or organisations to build barrier-free websites.

Guide to Preparation of Procurement Specification for Accessible Websites - to provide guidelines on how to prepare the procurement specifications for accessible website.

Webforall e-Bulletin – to share information and knowledge on web accessibility.

Quiz – to test your basic knowledge on web accessibility.

Incorporating web accessibility into ICT curriculum – to inculcate the future ICT workforce with professional knowledge and ethics by inviting higher education institutions to incorporate web accessibility in their ICT curriculum. To know more about the related ICT curriculum in various higher education institutions, please refer to the course list.

Web Designers' Corner - to facilitate sourcing of ICT professional services for the implementation of web accessibility designs.

Legal Cases - to share overseas lawsuit cases of web accessibility.

If you have any questions, please go to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you require further information about the campaign or have any comments or suggestions on promote web accessibility in the community, please send us an email at wac@ogcio.gov.hk or use our online Suggestion Box.