Project Request

Project Request Phase will start when the user submit an Initial Request Statement (IRS) for an IT solution. The IRS will be assessed and decision will be made on whether the project should proceed to the next phase or not. An IRS normally covers the following items:

Objectives State the objectives of the request
Background Describe the background and other information relevant to the request
Present Situation Describe briefly the current operations, environment and functions of the system(s) under study.
Problems / Improvement Areas Describe briefly the existing problems encountered and improvement areas identified and any business re-engineering conducted
Proposed System Describe briefly the scope and user requirements of the proposed system. Indicate whether available packaged solutions are suitable and if not, why not
Data Sharing Potential Include the relevant assessment on the need for data sharing and the decision on whether or not to include provision for data sharing
Estimated Cash flow
Non-recurrent This includes the cost of hardware, software, contract staff for system development (if any), site preparation, etc. but excludes fixed cost already absorbed by other budget.
Recurrent This could include the costs for maintenance, consumable, rental of communication lines, training etc.
Estimated Manpower Resources Required
Non-recurrent State the number of man-months by rank for data conversion and system development.
Recurrent State the number of man-months by rank for on-going system maintenance.
Remarks Indicate whether the above non-recurrent and recurrent resources can be absorbed within the existing resources or additional posts are required through the creation of posts.
Benefits Indicate potential benefits, both tangible and intangible, of the proposed project.
Alternatives List the alternatives to address the problems and explain why computer is the best solution.
Urgency and Implications State the urgency of the request and any other implications that will assist in priority setting.
Policy Support State how the request can support any policy or be supported by any policy.