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Awards recognise remarkable achievements in ICT industry (with photos)

The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, presented the Award of the Year at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 presentation ceremony tonight (April 7) to GoAnimate Hong Kong Ltd, whose GoAnimate: Cloud-based animated video creation platform was chosen as the "best of the best" from more than 1 100 entries.

At the presentation ceremony, eight Grand Awards were also presented by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Nicholas W Yang, to the winners in eight awards categories - Business Solution, Digital Entertainment, FinTech, ICT Startup, Lifestyle, Mobile Apps, Smart Hong Kong and Student Invention.

Widely supported by the collaborative efforts of the industry, academia and the Government since 2006, the Hong Kong ICT Awards are recognised internationally as professional ICT awards. Over the years, the Awards have served as a springboard for local ICT innovators to explore new markets, while past winners have earned further recognition in regional and international contests.

Recognising the achievement of past winners, Mr Chan said, "More importantly, many have attracted the necessary venture capital investment to continue developing their businesses. This year's award winners will, I am confident, continue to reach for creative and commercial excellence, setting new standards for others to emulate."

The evening also marked the opening of International IT Fest 2017, which will bring together over 30 ICT events in the coming three weeks to showcase Hong Kong's achievements and the latest developments in ICT. A wide range of competitions, seminars, pitching events and exhibitions will be held for industry and public participation. In particular, for nurturing talents at a younger stage, 45 IT Exploration Tours for secondary students will be organised during the International IT Fest 2017 to arouse students' interest in ICT. Through these half-day tours, students will see for themselves the application of ICT in enterprises and government departments, visit ICT start-ups and facilities and get a taste of innovation and technology by attending workshops in coding, virtual reality, robotics and others. Event details are available on the website of International IT Fest 2017 (

The Grand Award winners in the eight categories for the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 are as follows:

1. Best Business Solution Grand Award, with Hong Kong Computer Society as Leading Organiser:
GoAnimate Hong Kong Ltd (GoAnimate: Cloud-based animated video creation platform)

2. Best Digital Entertainment Grand Award, with Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association as Leading Organiser:
Animoca Brands Ltd (Turbine Fighter)

3. Best FinTech Grand Award, with the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers as Leading Organiser:
FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd (FWD Drivamatics)

4. Best ICT Startup Grand Award, with Hong Kong Business Angel Network as Leading Organiser:
Everyware Ltd

5. Best Lifestyle Grand Award, with Hong Kong Information Technology Federation as Leading Organiser:
FeedMe Ltd (FeedMe Guru)

6. Best Mobile Apps Grand Award, with Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association as Leading Organiser:
Playnote Ltd (Scalebook)

7. Best Smart Hong Kong Grand Award, with GS1 Hong Kong as Leading Organiser:
Megasoft Ltd (MyndVIZ - An IoT Cold Chain Visibility Platform and Solution)

8. Best Student Invention Grand Award, with Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association as Leading Organiser:
Hercules Chan Kai-ho and Harry Chan Kai-ho of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Void - Hypnosis Service Device)

Detailed information of the winners and the eight award categories is available on the Hong Kong ICT Awards website (

The Office of Government Chief Information Officer would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to all the Leading Organisers, members of the Steering Committee and Standards Assurance Sub-committee, the Grand Judging Panel, judges and supporting organisations.

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