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Workshops on “Leading Towards Robotics Technologies” Innovation Competition help realise innovative ideas

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) held an online workshop today (August 19) to equip government staff, who are interested in the ''Leading Towards Robotics Technologies'' Innovation Competition, with relevant technical knowledge and provide them with exchange opportunities with a view to inspiring them to turn innovative ideas into proposals.

The workshop held today introduced artificial intelligence, chatbot and natural language processing technologies. Apart from inviting professionals from the industry to introduce the technologies and share experiences of real-life applications, the OGCIO also arranged participants to take part in online discussions and exchange sessions. Staff from the OGCIO also offered professional advice to help participants gain a better grasp of the technical details. All these were designed to help participants come up with ideas to inject robotic elements into public services and elaborate their ideas in the proposals, thereby facilitating the development of smart government. Three other workshops will be held later to introduce the application of robotics technologies in industrial and service robotics, intelligent process automation, as well as smart devices and data analytics. All four online workshops have proved popular, with a total registration of over 580 participants.

Apart from the workshops, the OGCIO organised two webinars recently to inspire government staff to put forward ideas for practical application of robotics technologies through panel discussions. More than 330 colleagues from different government departments participated in the two webinars.

The ''Leading Towards Robotics Technologies'' Innovation Competition launched last month is the highlight of the Catch the Innovation Campaign. Government staff are invited to submit innovative proposals with the aim of improving public services through the adoption of robotics technologies. Ten shortlisted proposals will be matched by the Smart Government Innovation Lab with the industry for a six-month proof-of-concept exercise to test their feasibility by allowing participants to apply appropriate technologies and local research and design results. All 10 shortlisted proposals will undergo trials in relevant government departments with the aim of enhancing the quality and efficiency of public services, thus allowing the public to enjoy the advantages brought about by innovation and technology in the delivery of quality public services. The deadline for submissions is September 30.

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