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SITI visits Innovation and Technology Commission and meets with HKIRC (with photos)

The Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, visited the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) today (July 14) to learn more about the ITC's work to support the development of Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology (I&T) hub .

Professor Sun first met with the Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Ms Rebecca Pun, and other directorate staff. He was briefed on the Commission's major work in supporting research and development (R&D), promoting technology adoption, nurturing I&T talent, supporting technology start-ups and promoting I&T culture. Such work includes the provision of funding support through the 17 funding schemes under the Innovation and Technology Fund such as the Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme, the Innovation and Technology Support Programme, the STEM Internship Scheme, and the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund; the establishment of InnoHK to promote global research collaboration in Hong Kong, in which 28 research laboratories have commenced operation; supporting five R&D centres to carry out applied R&D and technology transfers to the industry in their respective areas; provision of infrastructure and technological support to the industry through major I&T quangos such as the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council; I&T collaboration with the Mainland such as supporting the 22 State Key Laboratories and Hong Kong Branches of Chinese National Engineering Research Centres in Hong Kong; as well as providing assistance to the testing and certification industry in Hong Kong.

Professor Sun later toured the Standards and Calibration Laboratory (SCL) of the ITC to learn more about the SCL's operation and calibration services. He observed an introduction of primary standards of electrical quantities and a demonstration of the submicron automatic precision line scale measurement system.

Professor Sun said that the ITC, in collaboration with and supported by public I&T quangos and R&D centres, had been playing a key role in the implementation of various initiatives to drive the I&T development in Hong Kong, ranging from supporting R&D, nurturing I&T talent to translation of the R&D outcomes into applications that bring benefits to the society. He recognised the efforts made and results achieved by ITC colleagues over the years and encouraged them to continue with their good work to develop Hong Kong into an international I&T hub.

Professor Sun then met with the management of the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) and was briefed by the Chairman, Mr Simon Chan, and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wilson Wong, on the latest development of the HKIRC. He learned about the ".hk" and ".香港" registry services, as well as schemes and services that were launched in recent years, such as the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme, the Cyber Youth Programme, the Cybersec Infohub and the Free In-depth Website Security Scan Services. The Cybersec Training Hub to be launched in August this year was also mentioned.

Professor Sun said that the wider use of information technology among various industries brings new opportunities, but at the same time, poses greater challenges to information security. He affirmed the work of the HKIRC in assisting the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the community in enhancing cybersecurity awareness, providing cyber security training and assisting the SMEs in uplifting their overall information security capability.

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