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“Build a Secure Cyberspace” webinar to raise public awareness on false information on Internet (with photos)

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) jointly organised the "Build a Secure Cyberspace 2022" webinar-cum-folder-design-contest award ceremony today (September 23). The webinar is themed "Fact Check After Receiving, Think Twice Before Sharing" and aims to arouse public awareness of false information on the Internet.

Speaking at the webinar, the Assistant Government Chief Information Officer, Mr Jason Pun, said that cases related to false and fraudulent information on online platforms are on the rise in recent years. Fraudsters deceive victims into releasing personal information and money by setting up an enormous number of phishing websites of different types with automatic tools. He called on members of the public to stay vigilant, always verify the authenticity of the information received, and not to trust or share information lightly. To prevent any abuse, members of the public should handle their personal information with care and never upload it to online platforms rashly.

Mr Pun emphasised, "The Government attaches great importance to cyber security and disseminates information on prevention against cyber attacks, fraud and cyberbullying through multiple channels, such as the Cyber Security Information Portal and InfoSec website of the OGCIO, the CyberDefender project and the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the HKPF, the HKCERT website, radio broadcasts and social media platforms. The OGCIO also organises seminars for elderly services centres and non-governmental organisations to raise cyber security awareness among their staff and service recipients."

At the webinar, representatives and experts from the HKPF, the HKCERT and the information security industry shared their insights and experiences in various topics including verifying the authenticity of online information, protection of personal data on social media platforms, the latest progress on cyber security legislation, etc. They also reminded members of the public that cyber security is an important pillar in upholding national security. The folder design contest award presentation ceremony was held alongside the webinar. Entries were judged in three categories, namely primary school, secondary school and open groups. By way of their folder designs, contestants helped enhance the public's understanding of digital etiquette and related legislation, and reminded members of the public to be mindful when sharing messages. Mr Pun praised the contestants' outstanding work, which helps arouse the public's awareness on cyber security to prevent them from falling prey to cyber pitfalls, as well as conveying the theme message of "Fact Check After Receiving, Think Twice Before Sharing".

The "Build a Secure Cyberspace" campaign is an annual event co-organised by the OGCIO, the HKPF and the HKCERT. The campaign aims to raise public awareness of cyber security and enhance the public's cyber resilience capabilities through a variety of promotional events including seminars, creativity contests, radio publicity programmes and school talks.

Event details and winning entries can be viewed at the Cyber Security Information Portal (

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