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OGCIO launches new measure to assist departments in strengthening preparation for rollout of digital services

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions Government is pressing ahead with the development of Hong Kong's digital economy and smart city. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) will continue to proactively encourage and assist bureaux/departments (B/Ds) in making good use of technology to deliver more digital government services which will bring convenience and benefit to the public and businesses.

To more effectively promote the digital transformation of government services and meet citizens' expectations, the OGCIO today (November 16) announced a new measure for B/Ds with a view to strengthening the preparation for the rollout of their information technology (IT) systems which provide large-scale digital government services.

Before rolling out selected IT systems providing large-scale digital government services, the respective B/Ds are required to subject the IT systems to additional load tests and stress tests to be conducted by an independent third party arranged by the OGCIO and to obtain positive confirmation from the OGCIO.

The OGCIO further reminds all B/Ds again to ensure that thorough assessment, testing and contingency plan for their digital services have been duly completed before system rollout.

A spokesman for the OGCIO stressed, "The OGCIO will assist B/Ds in conducting additional tests for selected IT systems providing large-scale digital services before rollout. This being so, as the concerned system is an integral part of the public service provided by the relevant B/Ds, the B/Ds have the responsibility and an important role to play in ensuring the service quality and smooth operation of the system and service concerned."

The OGCIO will continue to collaborate closely with all B/Ds by providing technical support and advice on system enhancement, in order to ensure that B/Ds have made adequate preparation for the rollout of their large-scale digital services to meet the service needs of the general public.

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