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IT Sourcing and Contracting

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) advises and assists government bureaux and departments in the procurement of IT products and services in a cost-effective manner.

The value of government purchases through centrally organised purchase contracts in the last three years:

Financial Year IT Products IT Services
2019-20 $638 million $780 million
2020-21 $746 million $759 million
2021-22 $665 million $1,144 million

We arrange and manage the central contracts (Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 5, Standing Offer Agreement for Data Centre Services 2, Mobile Workplace Services 6, Standing Offer Agreement for Provision of Wi-Fi Services) for the procurement of IT services in the Government. We collaborate with the Government Logistics Department, which is the procurement department in the management of centrally organised purchase contracts, for the supply of:

  • Microcomputers Equipment
  • Network Products and Enterprise Server Systems

For information about the contractors, please refer to the Contractor List.


IT Outsourcing in Government

The primary objectives of the Government IT outsourcing policy are to enlarge the delivery capacity for IT services, to accelerate the delivery of IT solutions, and to create a market of sufficient size to encourage the further development of the IT industry locally.



To support the development and maintenance of information technology (IT) initiatives in the Government, the OGCIO centrally administers IT contract staff services in the Government through the establishment and administration of "body-shopping" contracts (i.e. the T-Contracts) for the use by bureaux and departments. By means of the T-Contracts, bureaux and departments can obtain IT staff services from a list of contractors within a short period of time. These contractors were selected based on an open tendering exercise. As the period of IT services required is of varying duration to meet the service/operational needs, the arrangement of T-Contracts allows bureaux/departments to enjoy maximum flexibility in addition to quick response to IT staff services requirement.

The Government has awarded standing offer agreements to T-contractors to provide IT contract staff services to bureaux and departments on an as-and-when-required basis. The current T26 contract is for a term of 48 months which started on 1 February 2023. For information about the T26 contractors, please refer to the respective Contractor List.