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Contact List of Information Technology Management Unit

B/Ds Name Title Tel. No. E-mail
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Mr WAI Mau Tat, Francis Sr Systems Mgr 2150 7049
Architectural Services Department Mr Travis LAW Hau-tim Senior Building Services Engineer/TI 2867 4036
Mr Daniel WONG Chun-kit Senior Electronic Engineer/IT 2867 4028
Mr Gary POON Man-tung Systems Manager/IT 2867 5564
Mr Calvin LEE Systems Manager (CS)34 / OGCIO 2773 2396
Audit Commission CHAN Sing-how, Allan Auditor (Technical) (3) 2867 3382
Buildings Department Mr KAN Chun-kin, Peter Systems Mgr 1 3842 3512
Census and Statistics Department Ms HUNG King-chi, Kaisy Sr Statistician (ITS) 2582 4701
Mr TSANG Tat-shing Sr Statistician (SPS) 2582 3019
Mr LIN Kwok-leung, Jimmy Sr Statistician (SID) 2582 5025
Dr LEW Shing-fong, Terry Senior Systems Manager (CSS) 3705 2804
Chief Secretary for Administration's Office (Administration Wing) Ms WU Siu Kuen, Christine Sr Systems Mgr 2810 3983
Civil Aviation Department Mr George TY Wong Chief Electronics Engineer (Projects) 2910 6505
Mr Charles CW Leung Senior Electronics Engineer (TS)5 2910 6527
Mr Brian KM Cheung ITM(1) 2910 6535
Civil Engineering and Development Department Mr CHEUNG Tak Fai, Herrick Systems Mgr/CS 2762 5320
Civil Service Bureau Mr WOO Chi Yin, Jimmy Sr Systems Mgr 2810 2742
Mr YUEN Ying Chui, Steve Systems Mgr 1 2810 2404
Ms WONG Tsz Kwan, Janice Systems Mgr 2 (Ag.) 2810 3204
Mr WONG Ho Yin, Peter Systems Mgr 3 2810 2077
Companies Registry Mr POON Ho Shun, Andrew Sr Systems Mgr (IT) 2867 4558
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau Mr Eric TM POON SM(Constitutional and Mainland Affairs) 2810 2597
Ms LAM Ly Pang, Winnie CPM(Constitutional and Mainland Affairs) 3655 4723
Correctional Services Department Mr CHOW Siu-kui, Lawrence Sr Systems Mgr (SD) 2582 5518
Customs and Excise Department Ms YOUNG Bo Hing, Harriet Sr Systems Mgr (ITM1) 3759 3438
Mr MC NG Sr Systems Mgr (ITM2) 3759 2182
Department of Health Ms SEE-TOO Mei Yiu, Susanne Ch Systems Mgr (Health Informatics and Technology Office) 2152 3970
Mr YEE Chi Wai Sr Systems Mgr (Health Informatics and Technology Office)1 2961 8708
Mr YEUNG Chi Ko, Jason Sr Systems Mgr (Health Informatics and Technology Office)2 2125 2105
Ms TANG Ka Ling, Susanna Sr Systems Mgr(Health Informatics and Technology Office)3 2803 5072
Mr KAM Chi Keung, Ivan Sr IT Mgr(Health Informatics and Technology Office)4 2125 2141
Department of Justice Mr SIU Yan Kam, Kenneth IT Mgr 3543 5628
Development Bureau (Planning and Lands Branch) Mr LEUNG Ka Chung Systems Mgr 3579 2282
Development Bureau (Works Branch) Ms Chris KP LO Systems Mgr (IT) 3509 8735
Drainage Services Department Mr NIE Ping Wang, Daniel Systems Mgr/CS 2594 7078
Mr YU Sing Yeung, Oscar E/CS2 2594 7170
Education Bureau Mr CHOU Kai Ming, Vinci Ch Systems Mgr (ITM) 3540 7100
Ms KO Siu Lan, Sue Sr Systems Mgr (ITM2) 3540 7320
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Miss Chan Wai Kuen, Martina Systems Mgr/ Regulatory Services 2808 3126
Environment and Ecology Bureau (Environment Branch) (Supported by Environmental Protection Department)
Environment and Ecology Bureau (Food Branch) Ms LAM Nga Yin, Annetta SEO(A) 3509 8769
Environmental Protection Department Mr LI Man-chung, Colonce Sr Env Protection Offr (IT) 2835 1723
Mr KO Long Ting, Ed Env Protection Offr (IT) 1 2835 1841
Mr PUN Shu Man ITM(IT) 2835 1967
Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (The Treasury Branch) Ms TANG Yee Ching, Etta Systems Manager 2810 3820
Fire Services Department Mr NG Shiu-kwan Senior Divisional Officer 2733 5830
Mr Jimmy TSOI Systems Mgr (IMT) 2733 7755
Mr WONG Ho-man Systems Mgr (SFTDT) 2733 1526
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Miss CHAN Yuet-ling, Louise Sr Systems Mgr (IT)1 2879 5668
Ms LEE Fung-kwan, Viola Sr Systems Mgr (IT)2 2879 5662
Government Logistics Department Miss KWONG Kin Mui, Kimmie Senior Systems Manager (SA) 2231 5190
Mr HO Kam Hung, Kenneth Systems Manager (SA-1) 2231 5906
Mr HUI Shun Hong, Vincent Systems Manager (SA-2) 2231 5152
Health Bureau Mr TSANG Leung Ming, Eric Systems Mgr (ITM) 3509 8906
Highways Department Mr WONG Kwok-keung, Patrick Systems Mgr/CS 2762 3421
Home Affairs Department Mr MO-YON Wing Chi Systems Mgr 2835 1424
Home and Youth Affairs Bureau Mr WONG Kwok Leung, Joshua Systems Manager 3509 8002
Hong Kong Observatory Ms WONG Wai Man, May Systems Mgr 2926 8356
Hong Kong Police Force Mr FONG Yiu-hang Ch Systems Mgr [IT Branch] 2860 6002
Hongkong Post Mr CHENG Tze Yu, Tony Gen Mgr (ISD) 2921 2134
Housing Bureau (Supported by Housing Department)
Housing Department Ms WOO Ching-yi, Jenny CSM(HD) 2761 6145
Ms LO Mun-ming, Jessica Senior IT Manager / Development (SITM/D) 2761 6867
Immigration Department Mr NG Chan Hing, Sam Ch Systems Mgr (TS) 2829 3822
Mr KWAN Ying Sr Systems Mgr (TS)A 2829 3711
Mr CHUNG Chi Man, Roland Sr Systems Mgr (TS)IDT 2829 3511
Mr MAK Chi Wah, Pierre Sr Systems Mgr (TS)B 2829 4138
Ms WU Lai Sze, Flora Sr Systems Mgr (TS)C 2294 2162
Mr LAW Kam Wing, Thomas Sr Systems Mgr (TS)D 2829 3318
Independent Commission Against Corruption Mr YUNG Tat-wo, Walter Principal Investigator 2826 4234
Information Services Department Miss MOK Suk-fan, Peggy Sr Systems Mgr 2842 8886
Inland Revenue Department Mr CHUI Yick-kin, Steve Ch Systems Mgr (Inland Revenue) 2594 5099
Intellectual Property Department Mr TIN Chi Wah, Lawrence Senior Systems Manager (CM & IT) 2961 6917
Miss Eden LEE Ngar-ting Systems Manager (CM & IT) 2961 6823
Invest Hong Kong Mr CHONG Man Kit Senior Systems Manager 3107 1479
Mr CHEUNG Cheuk Lim, Tony Mgr, IT (Technology) 3107 1038
Mr LO Siu Hang, Terence Manager, IT (Knowledge Management) 3107 1061
Judiciary Ms CHAN Wai Chung, Candy Chief Systems Manager (IT) 2886 6800
Mr LAI Pak Cheung, Patrick Senior Systems Manager (1) 2886 6831
Mr TAM Chung-yan, Jones Senior Systems Manager (2) 2886 6869
Mr WONG Ngai, Ryan Senior Systems Manager (3) 2867 4383
Mr LEE Wai Man, Alex Senior Systems Manager (4) 2886 6895
Labour and Welfare Bureau Mr Fong Man Keung, Jeff Systems Mgr (Welfare) 3655 5857
Labour Department Ms LI So Fan, Esther Sr Systems Mgr (ITM) 2852 3771
Mr LEUNG Kai-fung, Kim Systems Mgr (ITM)1 2852 3773
Ms YEUNG Yat-man Daisy Systems Mgr (ITM)2 2852 3791
Mr YUEN Chun-cheung, Gordon Sr Systems Mgr (MLP) 3752 8030
Mr LAU Chun-nam, Jimmy Systems Mgr (MLP) 3752 8021
Mr WONG Chi-cheung, Daniel Systems Mgr (GSS)1 3427 2381
Ms UY Man-hau, Loretta Systems Mgr (GSS)2 3427 2382
Land Registry Mr LEUNG Chi Sing, Philip Contr Proj Mgr / IT(1) 2867 3239
Lands Department Mr Raymond Lam Systems Mgr/IT 2231 3770
Legal Aid Department Mr JONG Yat Sun, Johnson Sr Systems Mgr 2867 2832
Leisure and Cultural Services Department Mr LEUNG Wai-cheong, Albert Head (IT) 2601 7911
Marine Department Mr CHAN Chun-hung, Albert Sr IT Mgr 2348 0155
Mr YIP Yan-hon, John IT Mgr (1) 2348 0115
Miss YEUNG Yuk-suen, Trunks IT Mgr (2) 2348 0121
Mr TON Hsuen Dar-Rhung IT Mgr (3) 2307 3644
Office of the Communications Authority Mr Paul KW CHAN Senior IT Manager 2961 6757
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Mr WAN Ho Kee, Charles Sr Systems Mgr (CS)2 3847 7249
Official Receiver's Office Ms LUI Nga Fun, Nancy Senior Systems Manager (ITMU) 2867 2525
Ms WAN Sau Ping, Louisa Systems Manager (ITMU)1 2867 2703
Mr LEE Siu Ho, Daniel Systems Manager (ITMU)2 Ag. 2867 2228
Planning Department Mr HO King Yiu Sr Systems Mgr 2231 4774
Radio Television Hong Kong Mr WAN Shu-ho, Keith Head (IT) 2339 6588
Ms Jessica SHUM Head/NMS&S 3525 0746
Mr LEUNG Chi Wah Head/Engineering 2339 6585
Mr Stanley TSOI Chief IT Manager 2194 3667
Mr Tony MAK Senior IT Manager 2194 3670
Rating and Valuation Department Ms O Siu Yuk, Yvonne Sr Systems Mgr(CD)ITMU 2150 8706
Mr LAU Man Fai, Newton Sr Systems Mgr(CD)NRR 2150 8707
Registration and Electoral Office Ms YUNG Wai Hing, Vanessa Head (ITM) 3847 8083
Mr CHIU Kwok Chee, Dagan Sr Systems Mgr (IT) 2827 7617
Mr CHAU Chi Wing, Smith Systems Mgr (IT) 1 2609 3578
Mr SHEH Kai Hung, Wilson Systems Mgr (IT) 2 2573 7864
Security Bureau Mr WAN Siu Shun Sr Systems Mgr (Security) Ag 2867 5962
Mr LAI Wai Jeng, Wilson Sr Systems Mgr (Security) Ag 2867 2023
Social Welfare Department Mr FUNG Kar Fei, Jeffrey Sr Systems Mgr (IST) 2151 8340
Mr NGAI Wing Chung, Patrick Sr Systems Mgr (CSSS) 2528 3918
Trade and Industry Department Mr WONG King Yee, Lawrence Sr Systems Mgr 2398 5297
Mr LAU Kit Ho, Frederick Systems Mgr 2398 5484
Mr CHAN Kin Kay, Kenny Information Technology Mgr 2398 5478
Miss HO Choi Ying, Natalie EO (Support Services) 2398 5316
Mr THONG Fai, Ivan Systems Mgr (OP)42 2398 5295
Transport and Logistics Bureau Ms FUNG Man Yi, Gladys Systems Manager (Transport and Logistics) 3509 7188
Transport Department Mr WONG Lai-man Senior Engineer/Information Technology 3842 6302
The Treasury Mr PH LAM Sr Systems Mgr(SPT) 3847 8698
Mr Raymond HO Sr Systems Mgr(IS)1 3847 8638
Ms Shirley TSANG Sr Systems Mgr(IS)2 3847 8618
Mr Alan CHEUNG Sr Systems Mgr(IS)3 3847 8678
Water Supplies Department Mr LO Leung Shing Sr Engr (ITMU) 2829 4427
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office) Mr CHAN Tin Pui, William Sr Systems Mgr (ITMU) 2150 7600
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Working Family Allowance Office) Mr Danny WW NG Sr Systems Mgr (WFAO) 3897 1800