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Exemption of Electronic Sports Venues from Licence Requirement under the Amusement Game Centres Ordinance (Cap. 435)

The Government strives to promote the development of the electronic sports (e-sports). Depending on the actual operation of e-sports venues, their business operation may be subject to the regulation under the Amusement Game Centres Ordinance (Cap. 435) (AGCO). Some of the licensing requirements under the AGCO applicable to traditional AGCs, if applied to the e-sports venues, may hinder the long-term development of the e-sports industry. As such, the Government adopts an appropriate mechanism to exempt e-sports venues from the requirements of AGC Licence. The exemption mechanism is underpinned by three principles: business facilitation, removing red tape and barriers, and ensuring safety of premises.

For details of the guidance note and the application form for exemption of e-sports venues from the licence requirement under the AGCO, please refer to the webpage of the Office of the Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department.