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IT Career

The IT profession offers broad and promising career paths such as business analyst, project manager, IT architect, IT security auditor, as well as starting up his/her own business. Being business change agents, IT professionals can often transverse to high executive positions such as in financial, insurance and logistics fields.

We sponsored the Hong Kong Computer Society to develop a roadmap for IT professionals. The 3x7 Generic Job Titles Matrix covers a great majority of IT job categories performed by professionals working in Hong Kong and it reflects the current employment picture of the Hong Kong IT industry (as at Dec 2011).

  Job Category
Competency Level Software Engineering / Software Development Software Quality Assurance Project Management (IT) IT Architecture Service Management and Operation Information Security Multimedia
Master Software Engineering Manager Software Quality Assurance Manager IT Project Director IT Architect Manager Service Operation Manager Information Security Manager Multimedia Content Manager
Specialist Senior Software Engineer Software Quality Assurance Specialist IT Project Manager Senior IT Architect System Operation Specialist Information Security Specialist Multimedia Content Specialist
Practitioner Software Engineer Software Quality Assurance Professional Assistant Manager, IT Projects IT Architect System Operation Officer Information Security Officer Multimedia Content Developer

Source: “3 X 7 Generic Job Titles Matrix”, Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)

For students who are interested in working in the IT industry, it is expected that this matrix, which can be regarded as IT career matrix, can offer a holistic view and insight of the IT industry in Hong Kong and allow for better career development planning.