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Established in 2000, our company is a home-grown technology startup headquartered in Hong Kong and now a subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited. We are a regional Mobile Technology and Mobile eCommerce leader specialising in smart city, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, eWallet and location intelligence. We have developed popular Online-to-Offline (O2O) mobile platforms, a world-class proximity detection and indoor positioning infrastructure Starbeacon, and an augmented reality SDK solution ARwiz. With disruptive O2O solutions as well as patent-pending products and technology inventions, we have won over 100 international and local awards in technology and digital marketing. They include winning the 'Oscars' of the IT field, being crowned the World Summit Award Mobile Global Champion and APICTA Winner Awards. Today, we are a globally recognised guru of mobile solution innovations highly trusted by numerous long-term, multinational and local corporate clients in banking, insurance, catering, retail, property management, travel, and transportation sectors.

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Career Chart: The company provides different types of IT positions such as Analyst Programmer / System Analyst, Project Coordinator – mobile apps, Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Application Developer and Senior Web Developer / Web Developer․
South-East Asia Presence: The company has established offices in different countries and cities which include Mainland China (Zhuhai & Fuzhou), Hong Kong and Indonesia, and employs over 300 IT professionals․

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