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Exchange Session with Academia


A meeting was held on 25 September 2013 among ICT departments of tertiary institutions, continuing education institutions and the OGCIO to discuss and explore collaboration opportunities for the development of ICT manpower in Hong Kong. In particular, the meeting discussed the following issues —

  • How to outreach to secondary students to arouse their interest to study ICT in senior secondary and post secondary?
  • How to attract university students of Science Faculty / Engineering Faculty / Business Faculty to choose ICT stream after their first year study?
  • Any need to seek more internship opportunities for university ICT students/graduates and how?
  • How to bridge the competency gap between our ICT tertiary education and industry demand?
  • How to gauge and bridge supply from ICT education and continuing training and demand of ICT industry amid the rapidly changing ICT business and technological landscape?

In summary, meeting participants reckoned that ICT plays an important role in fuelling economic and social developments. It has become a major driving force for the globally competitive economy, underpinning innovation, competiveness and long-term prosperity. We must ensure that Hong Kong has an agile and competitive ICT workforce to harness the benefits of ICT for our community. While everyone is free to make his/her own choice whether to take ICT study and pursue ICT as a career, we need to —

  • Provide timely and accurate information about ICT study, career and profession to enable stakeholders (especially students and parents) to make informed choices.
  • Facilitate the younger generation to discover and develop their interest, passion and talent on ICT as early as possible.
  • Promote a positive image of the ICT industry, profession and career.

For details, please refer to the Summary of Discussion at Exchange Session with Academia (20130925)