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Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017


The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 aimed at recognising and promoting Hong Kong’s outstanding ICT inventions and applications, and at the same time to showcase our IT talents’ capabilities and ingenuity. Over the years, the Awards have been serving as a springboard for local ICT innovators to explore new markets, while past winners have earned further recognition in regional and international contests.

More than 1 100 entries were received to compete for this year’s Awards. Recognising the achievement of past winners, the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan said in the award presentation ceremony, "More importantly, many have attracted the necessary venture capital investment to continue developing their businesses. This year's award winners will, I am confident, continue to reach for creative and commercial excellence, setting new standards for others to emulate."

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Below list out various categories of awards won by academia in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 -

[Name of Student]
Award Details
Best Digital Entertainment Award (Interaction Design)
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)
– Engineering Discipline
Learning and Teaching with Multiple AR/VR Systems For Engineering
Best Lifestyle Award (+)
Best Student Invention Award (Primary School) (+)
Best Student Invention Award (Secondary (Junior) School) (+)
Best Student Invention Award (Secondary (Senior) School) (+)
Best Student Invention Award (Tertiary or Above) (+)