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Caritas Institute of Higher Education

School of Computing and Information Sciences

Admission Requirements

Core Subjects Two Elective Subjects
English Language Chinese Language Mathematics Liberal Studies Any Subject
Level 3 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2
  • Applicants’ performance in two elective courses will be considered as bonus point in the selection process.
  • Applicants possessing an “Attained” and “Attained with Distinction” in an HKDSE Applied Learning (ApL) subject are deemed to have attained“Level 2” and “Level 3” respectively in an HKDSE elective subject. A maximum of two ApL subjects can be counted for admission purpose.

Interview performance will be taken as the reference for admission.

Admission Requirements

Graduate Prospects

Graduates can take up the following positions:

BSc (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence

BSc (Hons) in Digital Entertainment Technology

AI Developer / AI Engineer 3D Designer (Metaverse, Game)
AI in Finance Product Designer/Developer Animation Artist (Metaverse/Game/VR)
AI in Healthcare Product Designer/Developer Game Programmer/Developer/UI Designer
Big Data application specialist Metaverse Architect
Multimedia/Language Deep Learning Specialist Metaverse Event Manager
Robotics and AI Product Designer/Developer Multimedia Designer/Programmer
Software Engineer Software Engineer/Programmer (AR/VR)
Web 3.0/Metaverse Designer/developer Video Producer
  Web 3.0 Designer/Developer