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Hong Kong Chu Hai College

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Admission Requirements

General Entrance Requirements:

English Language Chinese Language Mathematics Liberal Studies Elective Subject
Level 3 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 in one subject

Department Requirements:

Faculty / Department Total No. of elective(s) and the level requirement(s) Applied Learning Subject(s) which may be considered as the Elective Subject
Science & Engineering / Computer Science One Elective at Level 2 Engineering & Production

Note: "Attained" and "Attained with Distinction" in the specified Applied Learning Subject will be regarded as having met the requirement of an elective subject.

Admission Requirements

Internship Opportunities

The Integrated Work Study (IWS) is provided as an elective course. The IWS will be delivered as job placement in local IT companies or organisations for 6 months (elective) as industrial training (start at Year 3 summer). It allows students to gain valuable work experiences from the actual working environment, to develop their professional sense and to practise the applications of the theoretical concepts and knowledge in real-life problems. The IWS is especially beneficial to graduates in job hunting and for their future career development.

Graduate Prospects

According to 2007-2021 Graduates' Employment

Employment Sector:

Employment Sector
Employment Sector Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science
Business Service 25%
Community & Social Service 6%
Construction 2%
Education 10%
Engineering 9%
Finance & Insurance 9%
Manufacturing 4%
Others 3%
Trading 23%
Transport 9%

Job Nature:

Job Nature
Job Nature Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science
Further Study 4%
Internet / Network & System Admin 13%
IT Technical Support 32%
Marketing & Sales 9%
Others 4%
Software Development Programmer 38%