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Common Chinese Language Interface

As Chinese is the language used by most people in Hong Kong, the development of a common electronic interface for users who use Chinese in electronic communication is very important. Currently, the major problems of electronic communication conducted in Chinese are the existence of different coding standards and insufficient characters in some Chinese character sets used on computers. These problems may not have much impact on the operation of standalone computers, but will cause distortion of information in electronic communication and data exchange conducted in Chinese, thus creating inconvenience to users.

The Government has developed an open and common Chinese language interface. The objective is to address the above problems so as to achieve more accurate electronic communication conducted in Chinese. A pivotal element of the open and common Chinese language interface is the adoption of the ISO/IEC 10646, which is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the handling of characters in electronic data storage and exchange. The ISO/IEC 10646 embraces characters used in major languages in the world including traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The Government is actively participating in the development of the ISO/IEC 10646.

To facilitate the establishment of the common Chinese language interface, the Chinese Language Interface Advisory Committee (CLIAC) was set up in May 1999 by the then Information Technology Services Department. Members of the CLIAC come from various sectors including the academia, language and linguistics associations, the publishing industry and the information technology industry. The CLIAC provides professional advice to the Government on the establishment and promotion of the common Chinese language interface in Hong Kong. The CLIAC has achieved the following:

  1. Submission of local characters for Chinese Computer Systems and follow-up issues to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), including:

  2. Promotion of the  ISO/IEC 10646 in Hong Kong, including:
    • development of Reference Font and Input Software; and
    • establishment of the theme website on Common Chinese Language Interface (CCLI), production of posters and publicity materials, dissemination of  video and animation for demonstrations and experience-sharing, to promote and enhance public awareness;
  3. Harmonisation of the demand of local characters for Chinese Computer Systems, including:
  4. Management of the HKSCS, including;
    • development and publication of procedures and principles for inclusion of new characters in the HKSCS;
    • consideration of applications for inclusion of characters; and
    • compilation of Cangjie Input Code and Cantonese pronunciation.

Please access the other parts of this web site for detailed information on the common Chinese language interface.