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International Ideographs Core (IICORE) Listing Utility

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a subset of ideographic characters, named as International Ideographs Core (IICORE). The IICORE contains 9,810 characters and it can provide conveniences for day-to-day electronic communication in Chinese on resource-limited devices. 

The International Ideographs Core (IICORE) Listing Utility operates on mobile platform, and enables mobile phone manufacturers and web masters to assess the extent to which mobile devices support the IICORE, and thereby plan for improvement. The Listing Utility provides a means for promoting the adoption of the IICORE. 

For the latest information about products which support ISO/IEC 10646 standard, users should refer to the corresponding vendor's web site for details.

International Ideographs Core (IICORE) Listing Utility
IICORE Listing Utility (For mobile devices that support Java ME or J2ME)
Step 1 Download and read the Installation instructions and other details pdf
Step 2 Download the IICORE Listing Utility


  1. Relevant details about the systems requirements and installation instructions can be viewed inside the corresponding "Installation instructions and other details".
  2. User must read and follow the installation instructions before download.