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HKSCS Reference Font and Input Software Download Area

The Government encourages developers of information technology products in Hong Kong to adopt the ISO/IEC 10646 standard / Unicode whenever practicable so as to efficiently expand the reach of their products to the global market in different languages. It is encouraging to know that IT developers has been developing IT products compliant to the ISO/IEC 10646 standard / Unicode.

User should refer to the corresponding vendor's web sites for HKSCS support.

Provision of HKSCS Support for Windows Platform by Microsoft
Download (for Windows XP/2000 platforms)
ISO/IEC 10646 version of HKSCS-2001 reference font and input software
Download the ISO/IEC 10646 version (for ISO/IEC 10646-compliant applications running on Linux platforms)
ISO/IEC 10646 (IICORE) and HKSCS-2004 reference font and input software (Compatible to HKSCS-2001)
Download the ISO/IEC 10646 version (for ISO/IEC 10646-compliant applications running on mobile platform)


  1. User of Linux platforms may use the ISO/IEC 10646 version of the HKSCS-2001 reference font (follows "Guidelines on the Song Style (Print Style) Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong") and input software with ISO/IEC 10646-compliant applications.
  2. Windows 8/7/Vista plaforms provide CangJie Input Method and Traditional Chinese character font support for the HKSCS-2004 characters.
  3. IICORE is a subset of ideographs in the ISO/IEC 10646 standard.
  4. Many software already support the HKSCS-2004.
  5. The HKSCS Reference Font & Input Software provided on this website is for reference only. It is designed for general reference and can facilitate the user to understand HKSCS information.

Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set Mapping Table