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Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set-2001 (HKSCS-2001)

User should refer to the corresponding vendor's web sites for HKSCS support.

Reference Font and Input Software (ISO/IEC 10646 version)
Reference Font & Input Software (ISO/IEC 10646 version) ISO/IEC 10646 version (for ISO/IEC 10646-compliant applications running on Linux platforms)
Step 1

Download and read the Installation instructions and other details
(PDF format)

Step 2 Download the ISO/IEC 10646 version of HKSCS-2001 reference font and input software Mandrake Linux 9.0 platform
(16.3 MB)
Red Hat Linux 8.0 platform
(16.3 MB)
SuSE Linux 8.1 platform
(22.5 MB)


  1. Relevant details about the systems requirements and installation instructions can be viewed inside the corresponding "Installation instructions and other details".
  2. User must read and follow the installation instructions before download.
  3. ISO/IEC 10646-compliant applications also comply with the Unicode standard. Some examples of the Extension B of the ISO/IEC 10646:2003 enabled software are Windows XP, Office XP, Mozilla 1.5 and above, and Internet Explorer 6.0. For explanation of the relationship between the ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode, please refer to:
  4. The ISO/IEC 10646 version of the HKSCS-2001 reference font and input software (for Linux platforms) consists of input methods and a font, which is developed according to the "Guidelines on the Song Style (Print Style) Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong". A standalone version of the reference font (for Linux platforms) only is also downloadable for general reference.