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Electronic Identity (eID)

eID will be provided for all Hong Kong residents free of charge, enabling them to use a single digital identity and authentication to conduct government and commercial transactions online.  Upon successful registration, eID will be bound to the personal mobile device of the applicant.  Users can make use of the biometric functions (including facial recognition, fingerprint identification, etc.) provided by their personal mobile devices to authenticate their identities and log in online services.  eID will also support digital signing with legal backing under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553) for handling statutory documents and procedures.

Commercial Organisations or Public Bodies Adopting eID

OGCIO will provide three sets of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as below for commercial organisations and public bodies to adopt eID in their online services. OAuth 2.0 will be adopted for authentication and authorisation amongst eID user, online service and eID system.

OGCIO plans to brief IT sector, public bodies and commercial organisations on the operation of eID and make available technical modules in the first quarter of 2020. Subject to the progress of eID adoption by e-government services after the launch of eID, OGCIO will further determine the schedule for rolling out eID to commercial organisations and public bodies.

OGCIO will announce whether fees will be charged for the use of APIs by commercial organisations or public bodies in due course.