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Green Computing

OGCIO is committed to the support of green computing initiatives.

OGCIO advises Government bureaux and departments on the use of green computing initiatives. Some of the initiatives which the Government have implemented are (i) adopting energy-efficient computers; (ii) using paper-less meeting solutions; (iii) promulgating Practice Guide to IT Operations Management that includes green management; (iv) considering the green options when making a purchase decision; (v) conducting public awareness programmes on the reuse and recycling of waste computers; and (vi) encouraging the use of planning and resource management systems to optimise waste collection and disposal.

To support green computing technologies, the Government incorporates green requirements in the procurement of IT products. Under the IT product contracts arranged centrally by OGCIO and the Government Logistics Department, the IT products supplied by the contractors, where appropriate, are required to have energy saving or power management features and to comply with green requirements. To further enhance the work on green IT procurement, OGCIO will keep on strengthening its specifications in line with the development of green computing standards, taking account of sufficient choice of products in the local market.

In the context of green data centres, a Green Data Centres Practice Guide is promulgated for reference and adoption by data centre industry practitioners, as well as government bureaux and departments, with a view to improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of their data centres. Please refer to the Green Data Centres Practice Guide for more details.