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Green Data Centre Practices

Green data centre practices aim to achieve better energy-efficiency and minimise environmental impacts in government data centre operations, and was promulgated for reference and adoption by government bureaux and departments.

The green data centre practices are categorised under the following four stages of data centre management cycle:

  • Green Design
    • Consider server virtualisation
    • Develop data life cycle management framework
    • Adopt data centre design to separate hot and cold air
    • Use structured cabling system
    • Separate environmental controls in various zones for optimising cooling efficiency
    • Install meters to measure energy usage and water usage
  • Green Procurement
    • Include green requirements and power management features
    • Specify IT equipment that can operate in wider ranges of operating temperatures and humidity
    • Specify minimum Coefficient of Performance
    • Deploy computer room air conditioners/air handlers (CRAC/CRAH) with variable speed fans
  • Green Operations
    • Measure carbon footprint, power usage efficiencies, utilisation of servers and storage, and inlet/outlet temperature of IT equipment
    • Switch off or virtualise idle IT equipment
    • Enable power management features on IT equipment
    • Manage airflow to separate hot and cold air
    • Ensure cables do not impede airflow
    • Match the air flow direction of IT equipment with the air flow design
    • Review placement and opening factors of vented tiles
    • Move cooling closer to IT load
    • Reduce cooling by increasing target intake temperature of IT equipment
  • Green Disposal
    • Include requirements such as refurbishing or dismantling for reuse

The detailed set of the practices is available for download at the link below.

PDF file format Green Data Centre Practices

We shall continue to keep abreast of the latest industry development on green data centre and related technology advancement with a view to continuously enhancing the practices, and to look for opportunities to share with local IT industry on the experiences and best practices in green data centre management.