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Common Wi-Fi Branding



The Government collaborates with the industry to promote a common Wi-Fi brand “Wi-Fi.HK” for those Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong which are offered by the public and private sectors completely free of charge or time-limited free of charge in Hong Kong. Organisations and Wi-Fi service providers are welcome to join this scheme.


The objectives of this scheme are to:

  • make it easier for the public and visitors to find and use the free Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong;
  • stimulate the development of public Wi-Fi in Hong Kong; and
  • further advance Hong Kong’s position as a highly connected city in the world.

Participating Organisations

With the full support and participation of the Wi-Fi operators as well as public and private organisations, “Wi-Fi.HK” hotspots are distributed in the 18 districts across the territory. The participating organisations are listed as below:

Hong Kong SAR Government

Welfare Service Organisations

The number of “Wi-Fi.HK” hotspots has increased from over 5,000 since the service launch in August 2014 to around 45,000 today.

Without the need for prior registration, the public and visitors can enjoy at least 30 minutes free Wi-Fi service per day from each of the above organisations.

“Wi-Fi.HK” Thematic Website and Mobile App

For details of free Wi-Fi hotspots, please visit the thematic website (, or download & install the “Wi-Fi.HK” mobile app.

Wi-Fi˙HK mobile app