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Development of Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities

Hong Kong is a well-developed and mature digital economy. Use of the Internet for accessing information and online services has become a part of many people's daily lives. People who are out of touch with the digital world will find it difficult to integrate into the mainstream community. Advancement in information and communications technology (ICT) has improved the quality of life of the underprivileged groups.

Owing to physical limitations, persons with disabilities (PWD) often encounter many obstacles in using ICT. As such, they need a variety of assistive tools in order to operate and use computer smoothly. However, some of these assistive tools are so expensive that some of the PWD can hardly afford. In addition, as the type and severity of disabilities vary among PWD, different PWD need different assistive tools. Some of them may not be able to find a suitable tool in the market and therefore need a tailor-made one which greatly increases the cost and time required.

In view of the above, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer allocated a one-off funding of HK$3.6 million in 2010-11 to support the development of ICT-based assistive tools and applications for persons with disabilities. The nine selected projects, ranging from software development, input and control auxiliary device, online services and rehabilitation tools, etc, cater for persons with different types of disabilities such as the physically disabled and visually impaired persons.

The funded projects commenced development works in April 2011. All of them were completed in April 2012.

For enquiries, please contact Digital Inclusion Team at 2582 6045 or email to Detailed information of the nine funded projects is given below: