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The Financial Secretary announced in the 2009-10 Budget the development of a dedicated portal for the elderly. The OGCIO engaged through an open process the Hong Kong Society for the Aged to develop, manage and operate the portal. Launched in June 2010, the portal, called “eElderly” (, is designed to enable easy use and navigation by the elderly.  It provides the elders with a friendly one-stop channel to information around their needs and interests.  The portal not only encourages the elderly to acquire Internet skills to engage with information and expand their horizon, it also enables their closer communication with their younger family members.

The portal features topical interest of the elderly, such as information related to their life, health, learning, services, privileges and news. It also provides information on elder care and caring skills to the caretakers of the elderly. The portal has been enhanced continuously to incorporate more interesting contents and silver hair market offerings. The Hong Kong Society for the Aged has been maintaining the on-going operation of the portal on a self-financing basis starting from May 2013.

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Elderly Portal

Elderly Portal

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