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“iAM Smart”


The 2017 Policy Address announced a number of digital infrastructure projects to support the smart city development in Hong Kong. One of them is the provision of a digital identity (officially named as “iAM Smart) to all Hong Kong residents free of charge, enabling them to use a single digital identity and authentication method to conduct online government and commercial transactions.

“iAM Smart” Platform

Launched in December 2020, “iAM Smart” Platform provides one-stop personalised digital services platform, which enables users to log in and use online services by their personal mobile phone in a smart and convenient way. All Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 11 or above are eligible to register for “iAM Smart”. The numbers of services accessible through “iAM Smart” have been rising continuously. Popular online services of “iAM Smart” include checking COVID-19 electronic vaccination records, using eHealth services, filing tax returns with eTAX, submitting online applications for renewal of vehicle licences, submitting Working Family Allowance applications, checking electricity and gas bills, etc.

The versions and functions of “iAM Smart”

iAM Smart account is available in two versions, namely iAM Smart and iAM Smart+. The iAM Smart version has authentication, e-MEForm Filling and personalised notifications functions, while the "iAM Smart+" version has the digital signing function in addition:

  • Authentication
    Users will have a single digital identity that enables simple and secure login to various government and commercial online services. It brings convenience to daily life without having to manage different user names and passwords.
  • “e-ME” Form Filling
    Users can use the "e-ME" function to store their personalised data (such as name, gender, HKID Card number, date of birth, residential address, and contact phone number), and enjoy the convenience brought by auto form filling and avoid filling in the same data for different applications.
  • Personalised Notifications
    Users can choose to receive personalised notifications from various government online services to keep up with service updates, expiry alerts and latest information.
  • Digital Signing
    Users can use "iAM Smart+" to sign digitally in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Chapter 553 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to process legal documents and procedures online.

“iAM Smart” Thematic Website and Mobile App

For details of “iAM Smart”, please visit the “iAM Smart” thematic website (, or download & install the “iAM Smart” mobile app by scanning the following QR code.