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ICT Programmes for the Elderly

Over the years, the Government has been striving to implement various digital inclusion initiatives to encourage wider adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).  In 2012, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) provided funding to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for organising various activities for the elderly to enhance their ability and interest in using digital technology.

From 2014 to 2018, the OGCIO has launched three rounds of ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly (Outreach Programme) to provide funding support to NGOs for teaching the elderly to use tablets and other mobile devices and helping them appreciate how digital technology can enhance their quality of living. With the support from professional social workers and volunteers, the elderly received encouragement and assistance in adopting digital technology to broaden their social circles and integrate into the community.

In view of the positive feedback on the Outreach Programme, we regularised the Outreach Programme from 2018-19 onwards and introduced the Enriched ICT Training Programme (Training Programme) to facilitate more elderly people to understand and use digital technology.

The new rounds of the Outreach Programme and the Training Programme, both having duration of two years, have been launched in December 2018 and February 2019 respectively. The funded organisations of both programmes are now implementing respective outreach activities or organising training courses.

Furthermore, we launched the Elderly IT Learning Portal ( in October 2019 to facilitate the elderly to learn about digital living and technology online.

Details about the programmes :
Two-year Enriched ICT Training Programme for the Elderly 2018-19
Two-year ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2018-19
ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2017-18
ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2015-16
ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2013-14
Encouraging ICT Adoption among the Elderly 2012

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