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In 2012, OGCIO provided funding to encourage wider ICT adoption among the elderly by supporting projects to enhance their access, knowledge, skills and receptiveness on the use of ICT, with a view to improving their quality of life, broadening their social circle and building up better inter-generation relationship in the long run.

The OGCIO openly invited non-profit organisations to submit proposals in July 2011. Out of the total of 13 project proposals received, three were selected for funding support. Those projects were implemented from January to August 2012.

The three projects conducted computer training to around 4 000 elderly persons. Computer on-loan service was provided within elderly centres for over 19 000 elderly visitors. Other out-reaching promotional activities were organised with around 14 800 elderly participants.

Target Beneficiaries

Elderly persons in community elderly centres

Funded Projects

Project Title Description Funded Organisation
Barrier-free for elderly to learn ICT To promote ICT adoption among the elderly through organising training courses on computer and mobile phone; conducting train-the-trainer programme; developing application for mobile phone and tablet computer; conducting study on “How computers affect the daily life of elderly”; organising open day, roving shows, closing ceremony cum carnival; and provision of computer on-loan service. CPMS Social Center for the Elderly of Grace
數碼耆義部落 To enable the elderly to enjoy the benefits of ICT adoption, with a view to improving their quality of life and self-esteem through organising training courses, organising inter-generational ICT activities; setting up website for elderly; and provision of computer on-loan service. Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong
「耆」樂數碼大本營—長者數碼學習計劃 To encourage ICT adoption among the elderly, and enhance their knowledge and skills on the use of ICT through organising training courses, youth ambassadors programme; creating a new Facebook group; setting up ICT stations; organising competition on elderly related applications development; and producing customised training materials for the elderly. Po Leung Kuk