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In view of encouraging achievements of ICT Outreach Programmes organised in 2013-14, the OGCIO initiated the second round of ICT Outreach Programmes in 2015-16. In addition to institutionalised and hidden elderly, the service scope was extended to cover elderly receiving day care centre services and home care services in order to help more elderly experience how ICT can enrich their life and facilitate active and healthy ageing.

The OGCIO openly invited proposals from non-profit organisations in February 2015. Out of the 11 project proposals received, three were selected for implementation from July 2015 to August 2016.

The sponsored organisations had visited 63 residential care homes and day care centres throughout the territory, and had arranged outreach visits to hidden elderly in the community and elderly receiving home care services. This round of programme has served over 2 000 elderly persons to teach and encourage them to use tablets and other mobile devices to broaden their social circles and spice up their life.

Target Beneficiaries

Institutionalised elderly, hidden elderly, and elderly receiving day care centre services and home care services.

Funded Projects

Project Title Description Funded Organisation
數碼共融外展計劃 2.0
  • To organise activities on use of digital devices such as electronic games, brain-training exercise and online entertainments;
  • To provide tablet lending services to the elderly at care homes and day care centres;
  • To train up carers including family members of the elderly and staff of care homes to assist elders on their ICT usage; and
  • To organise a fun day as the finale.
Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong
  • To arrange programs on using tablets including art and music therapy, tele-health consultation and online chatting with relatives and friends;
  • To organise “ICT Experience Day” and the “hidden elderly” recruitment roadshows;
  • To provide smartphone training to hidden elderly and arrange on-loan services after project completion; and
  • To organise sharing sessions cum volunteer appreciation as well as a community games day to wrap up the project.
Po Leung Kuk
  • To organise various programs on use of digital devices for digital photography, multi-sensory activities, brain-training exercise and motion sensing games;
  • To use the brainwave headsets cum tablet applications to train up elderly with physical or cognitive impairment;
  • To organise digital photo competition and showcases on the Internet; and
  • To promote programme awareness via issuance of newsletters and media promotion.
The Hong Kong Society for the Aged