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ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2017-18


In view of the positive feedback of previous ICT Outreach Programmes, the OGCIO launched the third round of outreach programmes in 2017-18 to encourage the use of ICT among the elderly. The scope of the third round of the programmes were extended to cover elderly people with dementia with a view to helping them slow down the deterioration with the aid of digital technology.

The OGCIO openly invited applications from non-profit organisations between June and August 2017. Three applications have been selected for implementation from November 2017 to November 2018.

This round of the programmes has served over 2 500 elders, including some 550 demented elders. With the guidance and encouragement from social workers and volunteers, the elders learned to use mobile devices and received cognitive training with the aid of ICT to enable them to integrate ICT into daily living and improve their quality of life. Throughout the programmes, over 100 local residential care homes and day care centres in the territory have been visited, and outreach visits have been arranged for hidden elderly in the community and elderly receiving home care services.

Target Beneficiaries

Institutionalised elderly, hidden elderly, elderly receiving day care centre and home care services and elderly people with dementia.

Funded Projects

Project Title Description Funded Organisation
  • To help slow down deterioration of elderly people with dementia with the aid of intelligent robots and harp seal-liked therapeutic robots;
  • To organise activities on digital health management and digital entertainment;
  • To provide tablet lending services to the elderly at care homes; and
  • To organise “ICT Experience Day” in the community.
Po Leung Kuk
  • To use music apps to improve memory of elderly people with dementia;
  • To arrange programmes on digital photography and calligraphy as well as brain-training;
  • To teach how to create personalised GIF image, and organise favourite GIF image election and exhibition; and
  • To promote programme awareness via issuance of newsletters and media promotion.
The Hong Kong Society for the Aged
iConnection for Brain Health - ICT Outreach Program for the Elderly
  • To organise workshops to promote brain-training games and online chatting with families and friends;
  • To provide tailor-made programmes including e-health monitoring and life story e-book production for interested elderly people;
  • To provide ICT training for carers and invite them to join the activities with their elders; and
  • To organise a major event in the community and volunteer appreciation activities in service units.
The Salvation Army