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Two-year ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2018-19


In light of the success of previous ICT Outreach Programmes and the ageing population, the OGCIO regularised the outreach programmes from 2018-19 onwards. To allow more flexibility for participating non-profit organisations to plan for outreach activities in training more elderly people (including those with dementia) to be ICT literate, the 2018-19 round of the programmes has been extended (from the previous 12 months) to 24 months.

The OGCIO openly invited applications from non-profit organisations from July to September 2018. Six applications have been selected for implementation for a period of two years commencing from December 2018. To facilitate the elderly to continue their learning of digital technologies during the fight against COVID-19 epidemic, digital outreach activities have been organised through remote learning. The implementation periods of respective projects have been extended for a period of 2 to 7 months.

Target Beneficiaries

Institutionalised elderly, hidden elderly, elderly receiving day care centre and home care services and elderly people with dementia.

Funded Projects

Project Title Description Funded Organisation Enquiry
“You Net! I Net!” ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly
  • To train physical coordination of elderly people through moderate exercises using interactive floor projection system;
  • To enhance cognitive ability of elderly people with brain-training exercises and motion sensing games;
  • To provide free tablet computer lending services to encourage the use of ICT in daily living among elderly people; and
  • To teach elderly people the use of video telephony applications for communication with family members and friends.
Caritas Hong Kong - Services for the Elderly

Tel: (852) 2427 7188


Smart Elderly ICT Outreach project
  • To encourage interaction among elderly people with the aid of touch-controlled multiplayer training system;
  • To teach elderly people to use smart bracelets with mobile applications for vital sign tracking and health monitoring;
  • To provide sensory stimulations and exercises for elderly people using virtual reality videos and games; and
  • To arrange road shows in different districts to arouse interest in ICT among elderly people.
Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club

Tel: (852) 2775 6226


Hi Touch with Robot – Health Management Programme
  • To provide an online health platform for elderly people to conduct personal health management;
  • To provide remote tele-health consultation with professional nurses for elderly people;
  • To perform cognitive training for elderly people with electronic games; and
  • To organise a health exercise programming contest and invite teenagers to design exercise programs of intelligent robots for elderly people.
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service

Tel: (852) 2904 5647


#lovin tech #lovin eld
  • To provide elderly people at residential care homes with virtual tour experience;
  • To improve health and cognitive abilities among elderly people using various health and training applications;
  • To invite elderly volunteers to teach their peers and exchange with them the experience in using ICT; and
  • To assist elderly people in making personalised videos with ICT devices and sharing on social media.
The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

Tel: (852) 2321 9169


Multiple Smart ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly
  • To help train hand movements and vision of demented elders with virtual reality games;
  • To organise ICT experience sessions for elderly people to learn and use digital products;
  • To lend smartphones/tablet computers to elderly people at residential care homes so that they can continue to use digital technology after visits; and
  • To organise “ICT Experience Day” in the community.
Po Leung Kuk

Tel: (852) 2782 0220


A Fantastic V3R Tour for the Elderly – Reality, Rehabilitation & Reminiscence
  • To provide reminiscence therapy to elderly people using virtual reality games;
  • To provide cognitive training for elderly people using tablet applications with the guidance of trainers;
  • To deliver personalised post-training reports to corresponding elderly units for their better understanding of the condition of elderly participants; and
  • To organise sharing sessions on introducing virtual reality training to other elderly service units.
Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department

Tel: (852) 3126 9155