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ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly (2021-2023)


The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) regularised the ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly (Outreach Programme) from 2018-19 onwards. The Outreach Programme launched in December 2018 was completed in July 2021 and it has been well received by the participating elderly and residential care homes. We therefore, have launched a new round of Outreach Programme in 2020-21.

OGCIO openly invited applications from non-profit-making organisations (NPOs) from December 2020 to January 2021. Six applications have been selected for the implementation of a two-year project which commenced in March 2021. More interesting technological elements are incorporated into these activities. Funded NPOs conduct activities through their service network to introduce digital technology to the elderly.

Target Beneficiaries

Institutionalised elderly, hidden elderly, elderly people receiving day care centre and home care services and elderly people with dementia.

Funded Projects

Project Title Highlighted Description Funded Organisation Enquiry
Smart Care for the Elderly
  • To broadcast videos, designed by social workers and therapists, that are suitable for elderly people on online platform;
  • To teach elderly people to use video call software and social media applications for communication with family members, relatives and friends;
  • To teach elderly people to use smart bracelets to monitor their health status; and
  • To conduct virtual aerial tours for elderly people using drones.
The Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club

Tel: (852) 2775 6226


Hi Touch Everywhere
  • To use smart robots to conduct interactive body workout for elderly people;
  • To provide cognitive training for elderly people with motion sensing games and gerontechnology products;
  • To assist elderly people in conducting smart heath management and remote telehealth consultation with professional nurses; and
  • To train elderly people to strengthen their muscle and eye-hand coordination through augmented reality archer games.
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS

Tel: (852) 2904 5647


“eSmart Elderly” ICT Outreach Programme
  • To teach elderly people to use smart health devices and manage various health data;
  • To conduct online talks or seminars for elderly people and arrange therapists to provide health related information;
  • To conduct cognitive training and memory games with tablet computers; and
  • To conduct rehabilitation training for elderly people through the use of different gerontechnology products.
Methodist Centre

Tel: (852) 2527 4123


#lovin tech #lovin eld
  • To enable elderly people to do exercise through augmented reality and virtual reality games;
  • To provide elderly people with interactive virtual tours for community exploration through the use of technologies;
  • To play videos on health and community network through interaction between smart robots and elderly people; and
  • To teach elderly people to use health monitoring applications.
The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

Tel: (852) 6039 7597


Smart - ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly
  • To entice elderly people to explore digital technologies with interactive games on tablet computers;
  • To facilitate elderly people to embrace digital living through teaching them about the useful features and applications of tablet computers and smartphones;
  • To provide elderly people with entertainment and cognitive training with companion robots; and
  • To enable elderly people with impaired mobility to make accessible video calls and access information with smart robots.
Po Leung Kuk

Tel: (852) 2782 0220


Y Internet E-Force Outreach Program for the Elderly
  • To teach elderly people to use instant messaging software and social media for communication with relatives and friends;
  • To arrange for elderly people to experience gerontechnology products such as companion robot, virtual reality rehabilitation system and interactive floor projection system, etc. ;
  • To teach elderly people to use smart bracelets and mobile applications to monitor health status; and
  • To train elderly people to strengthen their attention and memory through digital calligraphy, digital drawing and brain-training games.
Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service

Tel: (852) 2715 8677