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Link to the web page on Smart Elderly Awards (www․e100․hk)․

The elderly, with relatively low ICT adoption in the past, is one of the priority groups of our digital inclusion initiatives. To incentivise the ICT usage by elderly, the OGCIO launched the first territory-wide awards scheme, namely Smart Elderly Awards, in 2012-13 to show appreciation to those elderly who use ICT actively in their daily lives. Subsequently, the Smart Elderly IT Star Awards was organised in 2013-14 to recognise those elderly who have made most effective use of ICT to create impact on their quality of life, on others and on the community.


  • To encourage the adoption of ICT among the elderly, raise public concern on the demand of the elderly for ICT and help promoting ICT accessibility;
  • To realise the concept of digital inclusion among the elderly, and enhance their quality of life and bonding with family; and
  • To gain wide recognition from the community on the needs and ability to use digital products by the elderly.

Programmes Description

Smart Elderly IT Star Awards 2014

Smart Elderly Awards 2013

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Smart Elderly Awards

Smart Elderly Awards

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