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Fostering Awareness

To enhance the public’s knowledge and awareness on web/mobile app accessibility, the OGCIO has organised the following activities:

Webforall Facebook Fan Page – to promulgate latest information about web/mobile app accessibility campaign.

Webforall Video Channel – to share a series of video introducing various web/mobile app accessibility features and criteria.

Webforall e-Bulletin – to share information and knowledge on web/mobile app accessibility.

Quiz – to test your basic knowledge on web/mobile app accessibility.

Web/Mobile App Designers' Corner – to facilitate sourcing of ICT professional services for the implementation of web/mobile app accessibility designs. Interested service providers can sign up by providing information on their services and a maximum of two projects involving web/mobile app service undertaken by them. The information will be posted onto the Government’s Internet and Intranet websites for reference by Government and visitors of the website.

Legal Cases – to share overseas lawsuit cases of web accessibility.  

Publicity – to provide promotion materials.