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Nurturing Expertise

To inculcate web/mobile app accessibility as part of the skill set and professional ethics of ICT practitioners, the OGCIO has organised the following activities:

Web/Mobile App Accessibility Seminars and Technical Workshops – to help corporations and organisations better understand the importance of web/mobile app accessibility, share best practices and related skills for making their mobile applications and websites accessible.

Incorporating Web/Mobile App Accessibility into ICT Curriculum – to inculcate the future ICT workforce with professional knowledge and ethics by inviting higher education institutions to incorporate web/mobile app accessibility in their ICT curriculum.

Organising Recognition Scheme

To encourage and incentivise wider adoption of web/mobile app accessibility design by non-governmental and private organisations, OGCIO collaborate with the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited to co-organise Digital Accessibility Recognition Scheme on regular basis to show appreciation to local enterprises and organisations for making their websites and mobile applications accessible.