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Presentation Ceremony 2015

The Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony

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The third Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 13 April 2015. Close to 150 enterprises and organisations were lauded at the ceremony as recognition of adopting effective accessibility designs in their websites and mobile apps to facilitate access by everyone including persons with disabilities.

This year, a total of 146 organisations were applauded for achieving the prescribed accessibility requirements in their 199 websites and 45 mobile apps.

"Triple Gold Award" is introduced this year to recognise organisations achieveing Gold Awards for three consecutive years. Thirty-three websites are awarded this year.

The Designer Award is introduced to appreciate the ingenious efforts of their technology partners. Furthermore, the “Most Favourite Mobile App” was added in online voting this year, with a quiz on basic web accessibility knowledge, to further fostering public awareness of web accessibility.

For details, please refer to the lists of awardees for Website Stream, Mobile App Stream & Designer Awards.