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Advisory Committee of Scheme 2014

Terms of Reference

To steer the implementation of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme, with an aim to promoting and encouraging wider adoption of web accessibility design in both public and private sectors in Hong Kong to facilitate persons with disabilities to access online information and services.


  1. To establish the Scheme as an effective platform for the recognition and promotion of web accessibility;
  2. To advise on the implementation of the Scheme;
  3. To oversee the promotion of the Scheme;
  4. To advise on the invitation and assessment mechanism, judging criteria, accreditations, rules and regulations of the Scheme;
  5. To endorse recommendations on the final assessment results and accreditations.


  Membership List (from 3 July 2013 to 30 June 2014)
  • Miss Joey Lam Kam-ping, JP, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (Policy and Community), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
  • Mr Nelson Yip Siu-hong, MH, Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission
Non-Official Members
  • Mr Darren Chan
  • Mr Cheung To
  • Mr Chong Chan-yau
  • Dr Edith Mok
  • Mr Jonathan Shea
  • Mrs Winnie Wong Kit-yuk
Official Members
  • Mr Stephen Sui Wai-keung, Commissioner for Rehabilitation, Labour and Welfare Bureau
  • Mr Kingsley Wong King-man, Chief Systems Manager (Digital Inclusion), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer