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How to Use this Checklist

Begin by following the steps below for Level A compliance, then repeat the steps for Level AA – and if necessary repeat again for Level AAA.  Following this checklist will enable websites to be tested in the most efficient way.

  1. Review each of the criteria and “check off” all the success criteria that DO NOT APPLY to the website, using the N/A column.
    • For example, if a website does not have any audio or video content, then criterion 1.2.1 can be marked N/A and the Visual Review and Assistive Technology (AT) Test can be skipped.
    • Other items marked as skipped can be ignored for that test as it is not possible to determine compliance with that test.
    An sample row of the checklist showing an item marked off as Not Applicable.


  2. Scan website with a code scanning tool focusing on each of the items in the Code Scan column.
    • Note that code scan tools often report items that may not require fixing. Web developers should investigate each item found to determine if it is in fact a real issue.


  3. Perform Visual Review by checking all items listed in the visual review column.


  4. Test using various Assistive Technology (AT) tools such as screen readers, screen magnifiers and voice controls.
    A sample row of the checklist highlighting the columns for steps 2, 3 and 4.