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4.1 Success Criterion 1.3.6 – Identify Purpose

The purpose of user interface components, icons and regions of a webpage can be identified by user agents.  For example, to identify the purposes of different regions of a webpage, Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) landmarks should be used so that the webpage content can be more understandable to user agents, including assistive technologies.


Before Rectification

A webpage sample without pre-defined ARIA landmark roles. Without setting the ARIA landmark roles on the webpage, users are unable to identify the webpage structure with assistive technologies which can provide customisation.


After Rectification

A webpage sample with pre-defined ARIA landmark roles, such as “navigation”, “banner” and “main”. The ARIA landmark roles are assigned to identify the webpage structure.  Assistive technologies will read out the landmarks according to the customisation made by users, such as skipping the “banner” region for simpler browsing of the webpage.


WCAG 2 Reference: