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8.20 Level A − WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 3.2.1 − On Focus

When an item on a webpage receives focus, such as by using the Tab key in the keyboard, ensure it does not change the context. For example, by displaying a dialogue box when a person tabs to a field.

Before Rectification

A web form sample where information appear after the mouse cursor focuses on one of the form fields.

In this example, a field receives focus, and a help dialogue box describing the field and providing options opens. As a keyboard user tabs through the webpage, the dialogue opens, moving the keyboard focus away from the control every time the user attempts to tab past the field.

After Rectification

A web form sample allows the user to use a help button.

Instead, the webpage should allow the user to activate "Help" only at their choice rather than forcing them to read "Help" with each tabbed field.

Link to Live Example for 3.2.1

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