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4. Myths About Web Accessibility

There are many myths with regards to web accessibility. Some of these are outlined below and a good understanding of them will help you drive web accessibility in your organisation.

Myth 1: Persons with Disabilities Do Not Use Websites

Many people assume that persons with disabilities do not use websites.

In fact the complete opposite is the case.

Persons with disabilities often use websites more than persons without disabilities. Websites have been a great enabler for these people to live a more independent life by shopping and socialising online.

Myth 2: Accessible Websites Are Boring

Designers are fearful that building an accessible website will lead to a website that is boring. This is not necessarily the case.

Web accessibility relies upon good coding techniques as well as simple design.

Simple design does not necessarily mean boring design.

Myth 3: Web Accessibility Is Expensive

Many people think building an accessible website is expensive and resist this process.

In fact building an accessible website in general can save you money in the long term through better programming discipline and good coding techniques.

These techniques lead to websites that are simpler to maintain and use with a range of browsers and devices.


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